Sunday, 28 June 2015

Day 1: Bangalore(Karnatraka) to Kurnool(AndhraPradesh)

27th June 2015 : Bangalore to Kurnool (400kms)

Finally the trip started... Hold on, not yet.

I'm suppose to start @ 10'o clock.
Due to last minute Flat tyre, and Anjana's bike issue, it got delayed by 4 n half hours.
Finally around 2.45PM, started the "Ride of My Life" on Apache 180RTR.

Route Map

You know... when you are starting a journey like this, there are a lot of thoughts running through your mind.
I'm happy, nervous, sad, confused and what not. Literally experiencing all sorts of Emotions.
But "I read somewhere... how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong... but to feel strong." By recollecting this line from my favorite movie "INTO THE WILD", switched to Trip-mode :-)

Heading out of the city in peak Bangalore traffic is always a pain.
Met Anjana near Bellandur and resumed out ride.
By 4 o'clock, reached outskirts of Bangalore and on NH7.

Plan for "Day 1" is, reach Hyderabad :-)
Riding the Bike on Highway is pure bliss. and this stretch is very well known to us.
At one place came across, Srinagar is 2820Kms far.
Ufff.....It's a very long way to go. But, the feel of seeing our destination on the Milestone is cheerful. I'm like "Srinagar - I'm coming" :-)

Ooh....sorry sorry, forgot to tell you one thing!
I've got one more Protecting Gear on my body. which is "Knee Guard".

Anjana gifted me on the occasion of this trip.(just kidding :-P).
Even though the initial feel of riding with Knee Guards is little uncomfortable,
the confidence which it's giving is More.

We don't have Intercom to communicate with each other. All we can do is, using "Bike Riders Language(Hand Signals)" for communication.
While Sun is setting, we are crossing Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh state border.
Apart from Bike, an extra mobile loaded with my favt. Music collection is my close companion for next 23 days".

As the darkness covering us, Bikes headlights are the only source of light.
Tried to maintain the decent average speed until we halted for having an early dinner.
Had a call with Teja(who is gonna join us from Hyderabad) and confirmed him that, by 1'o clock we will reach Hyderabad.
But, Teja is on Firing Mode on us(bcz we've got delayed badly. As per plan we are suppose to reach Hyderabad by this time)

Resumed the ride after 45 mins of break. It's 8PM, another 360 kms to first destination.
I feel safe to ride during night rather than morning. With Music Mode ON, enjoying the night ride.
Next 100kms of stretch is very quick as there is not much traffic.
while continuing the same, suddenly from nowhere "Thunderstorms and Lightning" covered us.

Ooh god. please don't rain. As we ride further, could feel the chillness and moist in the air.
That's the sign of "be ready to get drench in rain". Luckily, it just drizzled for sometime and soon we are out of dark clouds.

That's the beauty of Journey, If you keep continuing... at one point you can come out of dark clouds.
Same applies to Life, when are in Bad Stage, just keep pushing yourself.. Better days will be nearing you.
By the time, I register these lines my mind, I couldn't stop YAaaaaawning...!

It's 9.45PM. another 215 kms to reach Hyderabad, 15 kms to reach kurnool.
Just to come out of sleepiness, stopped for 5 mins and resumed the ride.
After 5kms, I couldn't able to stop closing my eyes.
Signalled Anjana to let's make Kurnool, the first destination of our journey.
Anjana accepted for this with a BIG restriction.
That is, I should convey the same to "AngryMan Teja" and make him calm.

Somehow I've convinced Teja and stayed in KURNOOL.
Paid 600/- for a decent room. With a hope of starting @3.30AM in the early morning(28th June 2017) fell asleep.

Need to Carry list for Leh Trip

Below are the things which I've carried for the Leh trip.

(A) Riding Gear

1. Riding Jacket
2. Knee and Elbow gaurds
3. Riding Gloves (2)
4. Inner gloves (Required while riding in Himalayan region)
5. Balaclava head cover.
6. Full face Helmet
7. Shoes (I've used "Quechua Forclaz 500" - Best for Sunny, Rainy, Snow and Winter conditions :))

(B). Accessories:

1. Sun Glasses.
2. Night Riding Glasses.
3. Plastic Covers and Zipper Covers(To store Documents)
4. Two Water Bottle + Hydration Pack (@ Decathlon)
5. Soft tissue papers for cleaning Helmet visor.
6. Waste cloth for cleaning Shoes, Bags and Bike.
7. Sleeping Bag, Tent (If planning to pitch tent any where).
8. Rubber bands, Safety pins.

(C) For Bike :-

1. Duplicate Keys
2. Spare Parts (Spark plug, Accelerator cable, Clutch cable, Front brake lever, Clutch lever)
3. Puncture repair kit (Tube/Tubeless depends on tyre type)
4. Hand/Leg Air pump.
5. M-seal, Feviquick.
6. Petrol Jerry Cans (2)
7. Funnel to pour petrol (Can use waterbottle neck for this)
8. Tool kit
9. Chain Spray.
10. Gear oil.
11. Engine Oil

(C) For carrying Luggage.

1. Saddle Bag, BackPack and Tank Bag (If Required), 
2. Rain cover for all the Bags (for SaddleBag -@ Army Store), BackPack- @ Decathlon) and TankBag-@ Army Store))
3. Bungee Ropes/cord for luggage ( 6 piece )

(D) Medicines :-

1. Diamox Tabs ( To prevent AMS )
2. First-Aid Kit (Dettol, Cotton, Band Aid Washproof / Tape, etc)
3. Medicines for common issues (Fever,cold,cough,headache,stomach pain/upset,Pain kliller)
4. Glucon D
5. Nasal Drops
6. ORS (For Dehydration issue)
7. Pain Spray.

(E) Clothes :-

1. Pants (Prefer to be Jeans :) )
2. Shirts / T-shirt
3. Rain Coat and Pant
4. Woolen Cap
5. Woolen gloves
6. Normal and Woolen socks (6 Pairs)
7. Sweater
8. Towel, handkerchief
9. Slippers/Chappals
10.Boxers (Better option for Long rides :P :))

(F) Toiletries :-

1. Sun Screen Lotion (SPF 30 or >30), Lip Balm, Cold Cream, Moisturizing Cream,  Sanitizer 
2. Shaving Kit/Trimmer,  Nail Cutter, Scissors
3. Napkin,  Toilet Paper
4. Tooth Brush and paste, Shampoo,Soap, Face Wash, Surf pouches.
5. Deo spray(Handy when we skip bathing for 2-3 days :-P)

(G) Documents :-

1. Originals of "DL, RC, Bike Insurance paper, Pollution Certificate".
2. DL photocopy(10), RC photocopy(10), Passport photocopy(2), Voter Card photocopy(2).
3. PUC.
4. Passport size photos.
5. Writing Diary and pen
6. Take a printout of 
        a. Entire Trip Map, 
        b. "Jammu - Srinagar - Kargil - Zanskar" Map
        c. " Zanskar - Ladakh - Manali" Map
7. Riding plan itinerary day wise.
8. Printouts of "Hotel Booking" and any required details.

(H) Mobile, Camera & Others :-

1. Mobile Phones (Along with your smartphone, carry classic Nokia mobile which lasts charging for 2-3 days).
        NOTE - Don't forget to load mobile/mp3 player with your favt. music.
2. Carry "BSNL OR AIRTEL Postpaid" SIM with INTERNET enable :) 
        NOTE - Prepaid SIM of other states won't work in Jammu and Kashmir
3. Digital SLR camera (Or any available camera)
4. Memory cards 3
5. Camera lens cleaning kit (DSLR)
6. Camera Battery Charger and extra batteries.
7. Camera tripod  (DSLR)
8. Power Bank for mobile phone
9. Mobile phone with pre loaded offline Map (I've used Nokia HERE Maps)
10. 3 pin cord and wire extender for charging.
11. Mobile charger and head set
12. Small rechargeable torch / Emergency Light (Very Important)
13. Bag lock 2
14. Match box and small candle
15. small knife
16. Shower caps for camera and mobile ( in case of rain)

(I) Eatables:-

1. Dry fruits, Biscuits and Protein chocolates. (Very much helpful when you can't come across any hotel, especially while travelling in remote places of Ladakh)

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Got LEH'd..!!


27th June - 19th July , 2015

I was surrounded by Big Mountains...!!"
Was looking at "My Gloves and Bike's Odo meter"..!!"
Was enjoying the "valley at one side and Snow covered mountain the other side...!!"
Moved further and witnessed the vanishing of "Tar road"...!!
Was enjoying the view of "Clouds kissing the Mountain peaks" and suddenly roads were becoming so much narrow that... I need to hold the bike's handle steadily to avoid falling..!!
As the road
Narrowing.. I was tightening the grip on Handle..!!
Narrowing... common.. Steady...!!!
Narrowingggg.... No no... steadyyy, steadyyy... Boooooom...!!! Fell down.!!
Then, I woke-up from the dream..!!

It was dream of "Leh Ladakh"...!! The next sentence which I said was 

It all happened on 7th April 2015.
Next 80 days went in planning all the stuff like
planning the leaves, cost estimation, taking care of health, finalizing the routes and "Making my BEAST ready for the greatest road trip of my life to have a lifetime experience..!!"


8390Kms - 23 Days - 13 States - Got LEH'd..!!

Bangalore - Hyderabad - Nagpur - Agra - Delhi - Jammu - Srinagar - Zozilla Pass - Kargil - Leh - Khardung La(18380 ft) 
- Nubra Valley - Leh - Chang La - Pangong Tso - Marsimik La(18953 ft) - Chusul - Tso Moriri - Keylong - Rohtang Pass - Manali - Chandigarh 
- Jaipur - Udaipur - Vadodara - Mumbai - Pune - Bangalore

On Road for 23 days..!! Sounds awesome, isn't it..!!
Riding from Bangalore to LEH was my dream road trip. Now, I got Leh'd.. :)

It was "Lifetime experience". The ride has given, one of the best and adventurous memories ..!!
Riding through different States, Terrains, under different Weather conditions and
interacting with different kind of people was best part of my trip..!!

Reaching Unexplored "Highest Motorable Pass in the World - Marsimik La @ 18953ft"
and Reaching "Highest Motorable Road in the World - Khardung La @ 18380ft" are unforgettable memories for Me and My Beast..!! :P

Thanks to all the guys who were part of my great journey and
Special thanks to my lovely beast "Apache 180 RTR" for keeping me confident at all the situations..!!

 \m/ Happy Riding \m/


Day 1: 27th June 2015 - Bangalore to Kurnool

Day 2: 28th June
Kurnool to Nagpur 

Day 3: 29th June
Nagpur to Sagar

Day 4: 30th June
Sagar to Agra

Day 5: 1st July
Agra to Delhi 

Day 6: 2nd July
Delhi to Ambala 

Day 7: 3rd July
Ambala to Samba (Jammu) 

Day 8: 4th July
Samba to Srinagar 

Day 9: 5th July
Srinagar to Kargil via Zozilla Pass

Day 10th: 6th July
Kargil to Leh Ladakh 

Day 11th: 7th July
Leh Ladakh (Local sightings:  Shanti stupa)

Day 12th: 8th July
Leh to Khardung La(Highest Motorable Road in the World - @ 18380 ft) and Hunder (Nubra valley)

Day 13th: 9th July
Leh to Pangong lake via Chang la

Day 14th: 10th July
Pangong lake to Marsimik La (Highest Motorable Pass in the World - @ 18953 ft) and back to "Pangong Lake"

Day 15th: 11th July
Pangong lake to Nyoma via Chusul. 

Day 16th: 12th July
Nyoma to Pang via Tso Moriri and Tsokar 

Day 17th: 13th July
Pang to Patsio (Planned to reach Keylong, due to landslide stopped @ Patsio army camp @ ~15000 ft)

Day 18th: 14th July
Patsio to Manali

Day 19th: 15th July
Manali to Bilaspur 

Day 20th: 16th July
Bilaspur to Ambala

Day 21st: 17th July
Ambala to Udaipur 

Day 22nd: 18th July
Udaipur to Mumbai

Day 23rd: 19th July
Mumbai to Bangalore 

Total distance covered - 8390kms

Please click below link to know "things need to carry" for the Leh Bike trip
Things required for Leh Bike trip

Day wise travelogue is coming soon...!! 

For better view, click on snaps and enjoy the view :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

"Bangalore to Agra journey in one snap"
Packing the stuff, Leaving Blr, Enjoying the ride on highways,
Meeting friends and Having best Dhaba food..!!

Route map of my dream ride: 8390Kms - 23Days

Does it needs any description...!!!??

Side view of TAJ MAHAL

Intresting view of TAJ MAHAL


Dal Lake in Srinagar

@ Zozilla, Entrance to "Zozilla Pass" on Srinagar - Kargil highway 

Lunch stop after crossing Zozilla Pass
Teja - Our Chef 

"Snow covered Mountains of The HIMALAYAS"

Crazy jump :P

Road after crossing place "Drass"- Stretch from Drass to Kargil has best roads :)

Kargil War memorial

Kargil War memorial

Drass - Kargil stretch 

Our stay @ Kargil

Snow Caps

Shadow of Clouds on Moutains

Perfect views, Curvy roads...!!

My Beast


Beauty of Himalayan Landscapes

All in one pic - Greenery, Dry Mountains, Snow covered Mountains and Blue sky with moving clouds..!!

Beauty of Dry mountains and clouds

Magnetic Hill @ Kargil - Leh road

Beast @ Magnetic Hill

View of Leh town from Shati Stupa

Shati Stupa @ Leh

Other side View of Leh town from Shati Stupa

RIDERS: Aayush, Chaitu, Teja, Seshu, Anajana, Myself and Anuj 

View of "Leh Palace"

View from on the way to Khardung La

Searching for words to describe this beauty..!! :P

Can you pls hep me in finding the "description"..!!??

That's my fact shot..!!
Captured MOON from 13000ft :)

Finally made it..!! But, this is not the end of story..!!
Actual BIG MOUNTAIN is coming in below pics

Our gang @ Khardung La top

Nubra Valley (Hunder)

Trying some 

That's not like kicking "villain" .. that kick is to show the enjoyment..!!! :P :P

Lost in Sand..!! Come soon Bro... otherwise bike has to be lifted :P

YEeaahhhh...!!! We Made it...!! 

Each one has their own style... My style is to ckick the snap :P :P

Crazy moments...!!! Loll
Really no one knows what we are trying to show :P 

Yess...!!! SOMEWHERE I BELONG.. as of now, belongs to Nubra valley :P

Can you make out the straight road which is connecting 2 mountains...!!!

In the middle of Straight road..!!

Why can't you make straight roads...!!! :P
Bcz, curves are always beautiful :)

This road stands in better side..!!

Yess...!!! I was at those snake bends just couple of minutes back :)

This road is just nearer to Worst side :)

Plain.. no sand.. no snow...!!

Gone crazy for Snow falling..!!

You wear half... I wear half....!! :) :P

Thanks for calling me LADAKH...!! 
Unforgettable and inexplicable moment

I know babe..!! even you are feeling the same..!!

@ Chang La