Monday, 30 June 2014

Bangalore to Bheemeshwari trip by Bike

When: 28th, 29th June 2014.
DestinationBheemeshwari - karnataka
How and who all are: Myself, Sagar, Pradeep, Vikram, Shiv
Odometer reading: 230Kms.
Route MapBangalore – Kanakapura  - Bheemeshwari – Kanakapura  - Bangalore.

Short and sweet description:

Struggling for Permission.... 

Pitching Tents in the Wilderness.... 
Mid-night Sounds of Wild-animals... 
Using Bird sounds as morning alarm... 
Being gentle on curves of Ghat section...
Lots of Crazy n Funny moments... 

All in just 24Hrs...!! Felt like perfectly spent time. :)


Day 1:

            Our plan was start from Banglaore on Saturday morning and reach Bheemeshwari by afternoon, pitch tent on the river side and stay overnight and return back to Bangalore by Sunday afternoon.

Due to some work, My plan has been changed and rest all continued to start on Saturday morning itself.

I have left the Bagnalore on  Saturday afternoon. Due to day time traffic, I've reached Bheemeshwari by 4'o clk.

 After reaching Bheemeshwari, I came to know from my friends that,  
 pitching tents in Bheemeshwari has been banned, as it has been converted to wildlife sanctuary.

 After struggling for sometime, At last we were able to get a room in "Govt. guest house". On the other side all our dreams of staying in tent were vanished.

With a little bit of hope, we have requested the guest house officer to "allow us to 
pitch the tent at least in the surrounding area of Guest office."

To our surprise, he has accepted... :) but, only after 6'o clk is allowed to pitch.

Meanwhile, he has guided us to safe place in the river to take bath. After refreshing, we started pitching tents facing towards river. As it was first time... it took sometime to fix the tents.

The food provided as a dinner was much better for the price which we have paid.

The next part of the trip was adventurous. Sleeping in tent was not so easy task. especially in forest area.

The weather was very humid, at the same time outside full of mosquitoes.
Hence neither we can close the tent, nor open it.

On top of it, we could see wild pigs roaming around our tents in the search of food :p
After struggling for sometime, we were able to fall sleep.

Day 2:

                   The next day morning, birds sounds helped us to wake-up early.

Then went for small trekking in the near by place to have a nice view of surrounding landscapes and cauvery river.

Later had breakfast and left to Bangalore.

By Sunday afternoon I was able to reach home.

Happy Reading

                                 \m/ Happy Riding \m/