Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Bangalore to Somanthapura ride

When: 1st November 2016.
Destination: Somanthapura - Karnataka
How and who all areSolo (Apache 180)
Route MapBangalore – Channapatna – Maddur – Malavalli - Somanthapura - Malavalli - Kanakapura - Bangalore.

Short and sweet description:
       The breakfast ride turned into visiting "Hoyasala Architecture".
Experienced the Serene feeling while witnessing the architecture beauty of Somanthapura. Very quick getaway from Bangalore. 

NOTE: Better to carry eatables as Its difficult find any hotel near by.

      As usual, it was a hectic week at WORK. 
So, with a feel of dedicating this weekend to EAT - SLEEP - REPEAT, Dozed off early on friday night.

Saturday morning around 7.30,
I Just woke up from 10 hours of sound sleep.
Feeling very refreshed. Still doesn't want to get out of the bed.

As I didn't have proper dinner last night, feeling very hungry. 
Quickly got fresh-up and decided to go out to eat something.
As I Opened the door...  to my surprise the weather looks perfectly good with cloudy and little chances of rain.

Who in this world says "NO" to ride when weather is very tempting for it..??!! 

Immediately my mind and heart started arguing about ride.

Heart - Doesn't it good time to go for a ride??? 
Mind  - Yes it's quite tempting. But, this weekend is meant for rest na..!!
I badly need rest yaar - This week, you have used me very much in work :-P
Heart - Yeah that's true. But.... 
Mind  - But... what?? say it??
Heart - How about a breakfast ride? we will come back by lunch time.
Mind [Mmmmm, ....if I don't say YES, he'll skip breakfast. without having food, I can't feel sleep at all- You always play with my weak points.
Heart - Hahahaa... So you are saying YES for breakfast ride.
Mind  - Do I have any other choice??
Heart - Lol... Don't cry. I'll take you to your favorite "Vaishali Restaurant"@Mathikere).
Mind  - Woww... Yummy "Non-veg" for breakfast. Let's go fast.
Heart - Hold on, No Non-veg on Saturday. don't you remember??
Mind  - Grrr... F**K You. Why the F**k you don't eat Non-veg on Saturday yaar??
Heart - Shut-up.. Don't waste time. Let's go to Vaishali. I'll buy you KesariBath. for today you enjoy with that :-P
Mind  - Hmmm.. throw some almonds in mouth. at least with that I can survive till we reach destination.
Heart - Haha.. ok., have it.[while locking the door and walking towards parking space]
Mind  - Did you take water bottle?
Heart - Yes. [while keeping the tank bag on bike]
Mind  - Did you charge your mobile.
Heart - Yeah.. showing 100%. I took care of everything, Now you just shut-up and concentrate on road.[while starting the bike].
Mind  - Nooo... you forgot one thing.
Heart - Ufff... what..?? 
Mind  - To entertain me. 
Heart - ooh... sorry. Here is your earphones and your favorite songs. Listen now [while wearing the earphones and Helmet]
Mind  - That's good. Let's start now. [Listening to "Phir Se Ud Chala" from "ROCKSTAR" movie]

That's how I started my breakfast ride.
Whenever I feel like going for a short ride. I prefer to go to Vaishali restaurant which is @ Geo location "12.637859, 77.135544".
Not only for the food they serve, I like the ambience of their hotel. 

It's around 8.30 when I left my room, I'm mentally prepared to face worst traffic on Mysore road. Surprisingly, I'm blessed with less traffic except @ Ramanagara.
By 10.30AM,  I've reached Vaishali restaurant.
For sometime, played with their pet dogs and clicked some snaps of them.

As I promised my Mind, ordered "KesariBath" first, then "AkkiRoti", and finished my breakfast with "MasalaDosa" :-P

The weather is still cloudy. Felt like going forward with ride and cover some near by place.Quickly googled for places around and decided to ride till Somanthapura, return to Bangalore via Kanakapura by evening.
It's another 66kms ride from current place.
Within 1.30 hours, I've reached the Somanthapura. 

Unlike morning, now sun is out and bit hot weather here.
I could experience the serene feeling from the entrance itself. It’s very clean and managed it very well. 
The architecture looks stunning and showcases
hardwork of sculpturer. After spending for an hour over there, I’ve returned to Bangalore.

NOTE: It’s very hard to find any hotels near by. I would suggest to carry food and water bottles while visiting this place.

Here are some pics from trip.

                                                Happy Reading
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